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Free evaluation of your home

After spending over 25 years as a real estate appraiser in Utah, and also spending time here in Colorado each year during those years learning the market here, I can help you figure out what your home is most likely to sell for in any given time. Homeowners , banks, and government have paid me determine real estate values for over two decades.

I have also been a licensed real estate agent and broker for over 25 years. I have helped both buyers and sellers. I taught real estate brokers real estate appraisal over 20 years ago, and the principles are the same. I am happy to give you an honest evaluation of your property, and can assist you in knowing most of the things that an appraiser will most likely require be done so that a loan can be made to purchase your property.

I live within my means, because I learned that being honest as an appraiser did NOT make me very much money. In fact, I put up a very simple website years ago called LiveWithinYourMeans.com to teach and remind everyone how simple it really is to live within your means. This allows us all to be honest in business and make life easier on ourselves and others. It is possible for most people to save a down payment and then get a fixed house payment, that will not have an interest payment increases. I never recommend getting an adjustable rate mortgage.

Please feel free to give me a call about buying or selling your property. I’ll come to your home, or I’ll be happy to take you to lunch or dinner here locally, and discuss with you your situation and what will be best for you.